Our Team


We love what we do!


 Leanne Poirier Greenfield 

"I opened The Bone House to create a community of like-minded dog lovers, to encourage people to look at pet nutrition differently and to help dogs live a long, happy, healthy life. With the help of my amazing team and the support of the Leslieville community, The Bone House has exceeded all my expectations! I am grateful and truly proud of what The Bone House has become."


Emily Proctor

“I have lived and worked in Leslieville for years now, and I have always been struck by The Bone House’s presence in the neighbourhood. It is a thoughtfully curated, beautifully merchandised store that has a very authentic, local feel to it. The passionate staff are all committed to helping dogs and their humans lead a healthy, natural lifestyle. I’m so proud to be a part of The Bone House family, and so happy that I get to hang out with beautiful dogs and people all day long!” 


Grace Henry

"I knew instantly walking by that there was something special about The Bone House. Not living in the neighbourhood I wasn't very familiar with the store or people but when I walked in I knew I instantly had to work here. Being a dog owner myself I truly value the time the staff has taken to learn the core values of making a dog live a longer and healthier life. This store is truly one of a kind and I feel very lucky and thankful to be welcomed into this family and community."


Megan Ruhig

"Living in Toronto, it's rare to find a place as welcoming as the Bone House in the busy city! I love that each and every customer and their fur baby is part of the Bone House family, and I'm so pleased to be a part of it all. Leslieville is such a unique area, and I believe the store captures its essence: small-town feel, carefully curated, brimming with knowledge and much loved. I look forward to coming to work every shift, excited to spend the day exchanging knowledge with other fur parents who are equally committed to giving their fur babies the best of the best!"