The Bonehouse B&B

Expanding into boarding has been a dream for awhile. My husband and I, pre babies, boarded a dog or two, here and there, in our Toronto home. After the birth of our first child however, our shoebox of a house seemed even smaller. Little humans require so much stuff! By the arrival of our second bundle of joy it was obvious that boarding in our home was no longer feasible.

Being a little addicted to MLS and real estate in general I decided to opt into regular email listings of farms, country properties and boarding facilities within an hour and half of the GTA. Life went on. I checked out a few properties over the span of 3 years. Nothing "perfect", mind you, there were a few I talked myself into thinking were perfect but ultimately residing to the belief that something better awaited us.

Last year I opened the search to 2.5 hours outside the city and the first property that came up was this!


Besides the living quarters being beyond a dream for a family of 4, there was a small kennel built to board police dogs and other working dogs, which was perfect and already a thriving business. And then there was the BARN! I have always been in love with barns. The way they smell, I know I'm weird, all the weathered wood, the loft, the sliding doors, all of it. Not to mention the potential to become a beautiful doggie B&B. 

Now, I get excited very easily as I see possibility everywhere.  But after 4 years of me being like "this is the one!" and "can we go look at one more, its perfect?", I knew I had to tread cautiously. This property did feel like "the one" and it did look "perfect" but I didn't want scare off my husband. I viewed the property three times without Joseph, just to be sure before I asked him to make the trip.

We all feel in love with 190 Wilson! Not only as a business opportunity but as an amazing place to raise a family. Sometimes these things take time but I knew in my heart the right property at the right time would present itself. Now my family and I spend our days surrounded by dogs, nature and fresh country air. Good things come to those who hustle and believe. 


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