K-9 Choice: we heard you calling and we answered.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend and have pulled out their pants with the elastic waistband in preparation for the horn of plenty. I certainly have and am not ashamed, in fact I am proud.

Speaking of feasts, by now, you all know how much our pooches LOVE the raw diet and how much we LOVE letting people know about the benefits of feeding said raw diet. Well, here is some stellar news: we have another new and amazing raw food in stock!

The new raw is called K-9 Choice and believe you me, it is fantastic. Packed full of nutritious goodness, the line comes in novel protiens such as Buffalo and Llama. Yes, LLAMA!! All the animals used for K-9 Choice are free range, pasture fed and hormone, antibiotic and chemical free. Vegatables used in the meals are hand selected for outstanding quality and they do not include grains. We highly recommend you check out their website for more in-depth details on the food itself, as well as the many (and I mean MANY) wonderful benefits you and your dog will relish in.


Perhaps the best part (this is the human benefit I was talking about) is the way they have made portioning the food a breeze, a cinch, easy-peasy. Three pound bags come in 1 ounce cubes (not patties!) so it is as easy to feed your little guys as it is your biggies. The patties come in 15lb boxes or, get this, 25lb boxes!! What?! It's true! Not that we don't love seeing your smiling faces on the weekly but wouldn't it be wonderful if you didn't have to hussle down to the store every few days in order to keep that massive beast who hogs your bed and furs up your couch in tip top shape? You should also note that the 25lb boxes are combo packs - chicken AND buffalo or Lamb AND chicken - so your guy gets a variety. What more can we say, it's pretty much the best thing ever. Another amazing Canadian company, well done, Alberta.

If you want to come by the store and ask any of the lovely ladies tending cash any questions you may have, please feel free. We enjoy talking raw as much as our pups enjoy eating it.

Happy feasting!