Our treat jars bring all the dogs to your yard.

No? No one gets this obscure reference to a long forgotten song by Kelis about milkshakes and boys and yards? Fair enough, it was a stretch. Moving on then, look at these super cute treat jars!!!!! Our very own, in fact. Our petite Bone House elves have been hard at work in their dog costumes, making these unbelievably adorable treat jars. They would make a welcome addition to just about any kitchen and the cookies themselves a welcome addition to just about any dog's belly. Apologies if we are tooting our horn a bit too loudly, we're just really excited about these bad boys. Hold the phone, you haven't even read the (second) best part. The cookies come in two delicious flavours - liver for those meaty guys and dolls out there and peanut butter for our furry friends who love their legumes, all natural and Canadian made. We are offering a refill program with these scrumptious morsels so you can keep that beautiful glass jar, which by this point has undoubtedly made itself a nice home on your counter top, and help the environment one refill at a time. And the very best part: your 10th refill is free, from our hearts to your dogs' rumbling tummy.

Here are some photos so you can share our zeal over these brand new beauties

Let's be honest, who isn't in love with mason jars these days? Not only are they versatile and durable but timeless and elegant. Like a good wine....no, like diamond earrings...wait, no. Like, well like a mason jar, I suppose.

The feline invasion has begun!

  Kind of... though our hearts have been open to our cat friends for some time (always), we have opened our doors as well and now carry a small yet thoughtful selection of feline goods. In addition to healthy food for indoor and outdoor cats (Acana, Orijen, Wellness and GO) we have brought in salmon cans, cat nip, litter and cat toys of the cutest variety. For those of our loyal customers who run an inter-species household we thought we would make shopping for your zoo just a little easier.

And because we believe that dog lovers can be cat lovers too, here are some more photos of dogs and cats living in harmony. To be fair, the cats and dogs are sleeping in most of the photos I found but still, these are pretty cute, right?

Just nuzzlin'. Is that even a word? It is when it comes to cats and dogs.

This is a cute kitten with a cute puppy, so...

And this is a cute cat sleeping with a cute dog.

Cute dog licking cute cat. Just cute all around.

And what is happening here? Not too sure but it's pretty silly.