A follow up to the best dog parks in town. Ville. Town-ville.

Happy weekend readers! Just for kicks, this week's blog post is a lovely little follow-up of last week's interview with Sam and Jones. The general consensus among these doogs, as well as many of the other doogs who came in to let us know that they read the post, was that Cherry Beach is in fact the bestest best dog park in the city. So, when we heard S and J had plans to hit the beach with towels, sunscreen, and treats in paw, we decided to tag along and snap some photos. See the pics after the jump. What's that? The "jump"? You know when you read blogs and they say "after the jump", I don't really know what that means.

Clearly, Jones is pretty jones-ed to be at the beach.  

This is Sam smelling stuff. It's her favourite. She loves smelling stuff and looking at stuff and smelling stuff.

Jones is in a tree!! That's wild, J, it's just so wild.

Jones joined a pack of swimming pooches, Sam is on her way over to see if anyone needs anything.

If you look closely, you can see the biggest smile on Jones' face, like she just cashed a check for a thousand dead fish.

Yes, that is Sam's ear flapping in the wind. Super serious.

Action shot

Strangely similar action shot.

Posed? Yes. Filthy? Absolutely. Treats involved? How else would we get them to sit still..

The beach trip is over and these two dirty dogs hop in back for a ride back to Queen Street.