The feline invasion has begun!

  Kind of... though our hearts have been open to our cat friends for some time (always), we have opened our doors as well and now carry a small yet thoughtful selection of feline goods. In addition to healthy food for indoor and outdoor cats (Acana, Orijen, Wellness and GO) we have brought in salmon cans, cat nip, litter and cat toys of the cutest variety. For those of our loyal customers who run an inter-species household we thought we would make shopping for your zoo just a little easier.

And because we believe that dog lovers can be cat lovers too, here are some more photos of dogs and cats living in harmony. To be fair, the cats and dogs are sleeping in most of the photos I found but still, these are pretty cute, right?

Just nuzzlin'. Is that even a word? It is when it comes to cats and dogs.

This is a cute kitten with a cute puppy, so...

And this is a cute cat sleeping with a cute dog.

Cute dog licking cute cat. Just cute all around.

And what is happening here? Not too sure but it's pretty silly.