NOW! and GO! in exchange for Wellness. It's a good thing, we promise.

Dearest DearesWellness customers,

First of all, we at theBoneHouse would like to say a big thank you for your continued support and unwavering loyalty. With the change of the season (ahem, we are a tad tardy on writing this post) we have introduced 2 new lines of food (yay!), however as you know, the store is rather cozy as it is and so we must make room for the newbies by retiring some of the oldies. That is to say, if you or rather your pup, LOVE love love Wellness, we would be happy to special order this for you weekly, or bi-monthly, or monthly or however you need it. BUT! before you throw your hands up in frustration, please take a moment to understand why we have taken on NOW! and GO! Natural.

Number 1 - they are a CANADIAN company! Yes, we love Canada and believe wholeheartedly in supporting our community, our city, our country and thus our environment.

Number 2 - with government certified "fit for human consumption" ingredients why wouldn't you feed this to your friend? The food contains no rendered meats or rendered oils, BHA or BHT and NOW! has no grains.

Number 3 - both lines have moderate protein levels making them easy to digest and excellent sources of fruits and veggies. NOW! comes in puppy, adult and small breed formulas, while GO! has different flavours that are suitable for all breeds and all life-stages, from puppy to adult.

Come by and have a chat with us and you'll see why we think these new additions are so awesome. We'll even give you a free 1lb bag to take home and make sure your furry guy loves it.

Large bags of Wellness will disappear from the store in about a week. In the mean time we are offering 15% off of the remaining stock as a last hurrah.

Again, we can't thank you enough for making our daily grind all the happier and slobbery-er!