Back to Ye Olde Grind...But wait!

The holidays have come and gone and we hope that everyone had a magical time with their loved ones. If you didn't get everything you asked for from Santa Claws (that's the cat version of Santa, she brings toys to all the dogs in Ontario, Saskatchewan and parts of Winnipeg. I'm not sure who is responsible for the rest of the country, but i think you can probably google it), never fear, we are still rocking our Boxing Week Sale bodies - very different than our post-holiday bodies.

We've got leash and collar sets, Dublin Dog collars (great for slushy days in the winter), travel gear, snowsuits, rain jackets and warm winter jackets, sweaters, t-shirts and d-i-y beds, all on sale for the rest of the week! It's definitely worth stopping in.

What's that? You need boots for your guys and dolls? No problem, we've got those too.

Stay warm, friends, winter isn't kidding around anymore.