Welcome to our newest friend and her best pal Joni

We would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome Holly Andruchuk to the BoneHouse family! Holly comes to us all the way from down the street. She and her buddy Joni are frequent visitors of neighbourhood parks such as Jimmie Simpson and Gerrard and Carlaw so you may have seen them around. Joni is sweet as pie and loves a good romp with a fellow K-9. Holly is pretty sweet herself however leaves the rolling in the mud and licking in dogs mouths to Joni most (some) of the time. Here now, we will interview Holly so that you feel like you know her just a yit-a-bit better and are not so intimidated by her charming smile and golden locks when you walk into the store.

BoneHouse: what is your favorite colour?

Holly Andruchuk: Ruby Red.

BH: where do you hail from?

HA: Standard, Albert. After the Standard Arms on the Danish flag. Population 355.

BH: What is your favorite love song?

HA: Wild Flowers or The Waiting. By Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

BH: Who was your favorite character on Degrassi Jr High, original cast?

HA: Snake, is that the girl that got pregnant? Is Snake a boy?

BH: I thought Snake was a boy.

HA: I think you're right. Ok, the girl that got pregnant then.

BH: Me too. I loved her.

So we hope you feel like you have made a connection with Holly through this short but in depth Q and A. Stop by soon to meet her in person, she is a real delight. Afterwards you can pop in to Value Village and find a fun costume for your "End-of-Summer-Get-Together".