New treats! Delicious treats!

Dried chicken breast? Yes! Dehydrated beef trachea? Delicious! Rabbit ears with the fur still on them? Even better!

Yes, friends, we have introduced a new line of super gross (read: amazing!) dog treats to our already existing assortment of yummies for your pooch. The product is called N/A Nothing Added and we have everything from duck feet to beef tripe to beef snouts. I know what you're thinking "I cannot! It's so icky!" But here is what your dog is thinking, "MMMMMmmmmmMMmm MORE!!!!!!" The thing about dogs is that they are not only carnivores but they are socially and environmentally conscious carnivores. While we humans are preoccupied with dividing breast from leg, wing from back, dogs are trying with all their might to ensure that their furry friends died not in vain and devour ALL of their parts. This is part of what makes a dog a dog and what we love so much about our four legged family members.

If you are nervous about this, come on by and we will calm your fears. If you are apprehensive about this, come on by and we will talk you through it. If you are excited about this, great! So are we! Come on by and we will share with you in the excitement over this fabulous new line.